Sunday, July 17, 2005

He was different from the other nobles: the way he dressed, the hours he kept, the way he drank from the side of the cup.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

As a cow pony, Bullet had the right stuff: he was tireless in the herd, nimble on the trail, and unsurpassed when it came to making coffee.

The invasion plan called for the use of economical, no-frills spacecraft that afforded the marauders the element of surprise and, after the battle, the security of knowing that spare parts would be readily available.

According to a survey, 39 percent of Dave's co-workers say he is "annoying," 27 percent say he is "irritating," and 31 percent call him "bothersome." One hundred percent of those surveyed call him "unsanitary."

Dan longed for the kind of job that would give him an opportunity to slowly lose sight of what he had originally set out to do with his life, with benefits.

Switching from conventional gasoline-powered engines to cars that run on coffee represents a victory in geopolitical terms, but there is no economic advantage.